Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sample Diary Page

These are some pages from Grandma's diary. The book is actually called a "Remembrancer" and I think generally her husband gave her one for Christmas. I feel we are so fortunate to have these to remember Grandma and learn about her life as a young mother in the 1920's!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


See April 16th post for more information on Winifred, one of Grandma's nieces. Doesn't she look spoiled? That's quite an outfit!


This is a picture of Bess Smith (Gilbert's sister) with a soldier. Is this the man she married, and then later the marriage was annulled? See post on March 8th for more about Bess.


Mac is a good friend. He is mentioned in posts on April 21st and March 27th.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rural St. House

This is at Grandma's house at 1208 N. Rural St. There don't seem to be any better pictures of the house!

Gilbert Smith

Gilbert Leo Smith, Ruth's husband

The Campbell Family

The Campbell Family, sometime in the 1920's Seated are Nancy and Rolla Campbell. Standing are Guy, Ruth, Harry and Bur.

Rolla Campbell Home

This is the home of Rolla and Nancy Campbell, Ruth's parents. It is at 3916 N. College Ave., Indianapolis

The Four Smith Boys

This is a picture of the four Smith boys (l-r) Dale, Ned, Albert, and Dick